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Parker Agencies Offer Premium Brand Management Solutions

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Pharmacutical Sales Agent 

As one of Australia’s leading pharmaceutical sales agents, Parker Agencies provides companies with the sales and distribution tools to successfully access and service the pharmacy, healthfood and giftware retail sectors.


Our main focus is to provide our clients with a cost effective bespoke sales merchandising and distribution solution. We offer a boutique service only representing a few brands so as to give each clients’ product the focus it deserves right throughout our business.

Baby Brand Sales Agent

Parker Agencies is one of Western Australia's leading baby product sales agents, we provide baby brands with the sales and distribution access and service the baby store and gift ware retail sectors.


Our focus is to provide our clients with a exceptional customer service, sales merchandising and distribution solution.


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Women's Fashion Agent W.A. 

Parker Agencies is a long standing agency that has 40 years experience in the fashion industry, with the focus on establishing what works for our client's.


We pride ourselves on our customer service and the ability to keep our finger on "the pulse" with the latest niche fashion brands.

We are a Perth based Wholesale Agency currently representing

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